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Recommended Settings for VolunteerGrid2 nodes

Settings in tahoe.cfg




Node names are to contain the owners email address plus a node name (if user owns multiple nodes)

nickname = username@domain.com-NodeName


tub.port = Should be set to the external TCP port over which Tahoe will communicate. Choose a port in the unassigned range (Consult IANA Port Numbers).

tub.port = YYYYY

As an example:

tub.port = 33892

Note: This port must be opened in your firewall(s) as the external and internal port over TCP (or "Both") and should point to the internal IP address of your Tahoe node. An example server entry for the Firehol firewall is below:

  server custom tahoe tcp/33386 any accept
  server custom tahoe udp/33386 any accept



tublocation should be set to show your external, public IP address (XXXX). YYYY is the port number that is automatically generated by Tahoe-LAFS when the node is initiated.

tub.location = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:YYYY,

Note: If your ISP does not provide you with a static IP address this value should be set to your DDNS URL (which should also be configured under the DDNS section of your router). See DynDNS for more information.


Introducer furl

The introducer.furl for VolunteerGrid2 can be found on the Classified Settings page.

Statistics Gatherer furl

The stats_gatherer.furl for VolunteerGrid2 can be found on the Classified Settings page.

Shares Needed


shares.needed = 7

This is the number of shares a client needs to retrieve to reconstitute the original file.

Shares Happy


shares.happy = 15

This is the number of servers the shares must be spread across in order for the client to be "happy" with the file's integrity.

Note that until there are at least 15 nodes in the grid, setting shares.happy to 15 will mean that you cannot successfully upload. You may want to consider starting with a lower value, but recognizing that this will reduce the guarantee that your files will be available later unless you also reduce shares.needed. If you have any questions about good values for these parameters, ask on the mailing list.

Shares Total


shares.total = 15

This is the total number shares your file is broken down into before it is stored out to the storage nodes on the grid


enabled = true

reserved_space = 1G

expire.enabled = true

expire.mode = age

expire.override_lease_duration = 90day

Tahoe Docs

The Tahoe configuration documentation can be found here: https://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/browser/trunk/docs/configuration.rst

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